Leapfrog old and  outdated customer engagement technologies and Extend the reach of your business Out of Home, Television, Radio, or Direct Mail audiences.

Perfect your business brand marketing & relevance for customers using omni channel marketing.

Adnetiks complete proximity marketing system collects valuable data from existing & potential customers, and can reach any audience on mobile with relevant, dynamic experiences.

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Mobile Advertising & Marketing Platform Built for Customer Acquisition,Engagement,Loyalty and Retention!

Harness the ability of location to drive personalized experiences for your customers. Create dynamic offers, places, and events with geofences, WiFi, and beacons to access deep information analytics via the foremost subtle location management platform within the market.

Execute your business mobile media marketing and advertising  campaigns to perfection, to any device via our managed advertising service. take pleasure in charming artistic, pinpoint targeting, and real-world attribution with the most effective mobile media execution platform within the industry.

Adnetiks Adfunnels creator Complete Proximity Mobile Marketing & Advertising Platform


Adnetiks gives our client's the power to create rich and engaging mobile media campaigns. It's the brains and wonder of the operation, the work horse and therefore the creator. Flexible, extensible, and supremely economical, it's the mobile marketing and advertising platform that provides businesses with their very own marketing system. 

Dynamic Videos, interactive ads, coupons, loyalty programs, and email followup messages are now within your business reach. Create beautiful, media-rich mobile ads that can be used to reach your customer both inside and outside of our mobile marketing and advertising platform using Adfunnels creator.

The key to truly personalized campaigns is customer data. AdNetiks enables your business to collect customers' name, e-mail address, and social profile. You also get information about personal characteristics like age, gender and product categories they are interested in.Build mobile-specific audiences with conviction using Adfunnels creator.

Adnetiks Business Location Management Platform

Empower your business and customers with a hyper-accurate proximity tools. AdNetiks enables retailers to reach customers at the point of decision with beacon real time, context-aware information to strengthen relationship with them by providing content they seek.

Create Mobile
Proximity Campaigns

Create contents with videos, sounds and buttons in minutes using our online iBeacon & Eddystone proximity platform.

Contextual Digital Signage

Engage customers with personalised and contextual campaigns on any TV display based on user behavior.

SDK & White Label Ready

Use our SDK to build your own app or use white labelled AdNetiks.

Push Campaigns

Engage your customers by sending Push Notification or E-mail, regardless of their location.

Ready to Use Mobile App

Don't have your own app? No problem. AdNetiks mobile app is ready for you. We are open for white label integration.

Geofence Campaigns

Send notification with Campaign to people that entered a defined geographic area.

Audience Targeting (age, gender, interests etc.)

Increase conversion by targeting people by their age, gender or interests.


Re-engage customers that walk away with personal and automated campaigns.

Customer Data

Collect customer's name, e-mail address, age, gender and general preferences.

Manage Beacons & WiFi Spots

Add beacons, WiFi spots to assign proximity campaigns to them. AdNetiks proximity platform works with all iBeacon & Eddystone devices.

Viral Social Sharing

Trigger viral campaigns and boost customer visits with social sharing.

Customer Analytics

Learn about your users’ behavior, adjust your promotion to provide them personalized content.



Provide guests with maps of restaurants, spas, pools, gift shops, and more. Empower trade-show visitors with schedules, keynotes, session directions, and booth locations. Enable visitors to bookmark the location of their cars for easy find-ability.


Increase sales by guiding customers to products. Measure shopper behavior and monitor in-store dwell times. Optimize product placement based on store traffic. Increase customer independence and store efficiency and reduce staff cost.


Show visitors their location and all museum amenities and services on a map. Display digital content, such as information and videos on art, as visitors walk by. Enable visitors to purchase related retail items as they interact with artwork, such as framed prints, books, and jewelry.


Provide Indoor Location and the visitor’s real-time location. Show fastest path to desired gate and display marketing offers along the way. Optimize passengers’ time and drive their spending. Identify queue times in critical areas to improve work flows


Help asset finding and usage. Provide workers with interactive maps of large manufacturing facilities. Automate worker check-in and check-out.


Reduce stress by providing predictability for visitors and employees. Reduce workload at information desks. Increase productivity by helping ensure patients arrive on time for their appointments. Locate staff and high value equipment.


Help students find their location and campus amenities, such as restaurants and cafeterias, libraries, and parking lots. Provide personalized greetings when students enter and exit the facility. Provide students with updated class and schedule information. Enable users to access value-added services like restaurant menus. Integrate study aids and event invitations.


Empower trade-show visitors with schedules, keynotes, session directions, and booth locations. Facilitate networking through location sharing. Save time at check-in procedures.


Show visitors their current location, show passengers points of interest and other shops and restaurants around them. Empower travelers with special needs to contact railway staff and request support based on their current position.